University of Ottawa

Process Information

Undergraduate students
Graduate students
Eligibility Criteria
Open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
Application Requirements
Story map
Written report
Application Details
Map(s) or Graphic(s): 1-3 static maps or graphics (pdf, jpg, tiff) or an interactive map, graphic or storymap using ArcGIS Online. Report: A maximum of 1,500 words that describes the GIS work that was done to create the map. This report can include text and images to describe the process of creating your map(s) and graphic(s).

Contact Information

Primary Contact
René Duplain
Street Address
65 University Private
Postal Code
K1N 6N5
The Laboratory for Applied Geomatics and GIS Science/Laboratoire pour la géomatique appliquée et la science des SIG within the bilingual Department of Geography at the University of Ottawa supports the development of geomatics applications within the physical, social and environmental and health sciences.
GIS Offerings
Minor in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis
Institutions that are participants in the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship program.

If you wish to contact this person and they have not provided contact information, you may send your message to The Scholarship Coordinator will review your message and forward it to the intended recipient if deemed appropriate.