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Hi! I am a MSc in Geography candidate at the University of Ottawa. I am in the final stages of writing my thesis about modelling temperatures across the complex terrain of the Yukon Territory. In my first year of my undergraduate degree, an Honour's Bachelor of Science in Biology, I realized how much I enjoyed geography. I added geography as a minor to my degree and took as many GIS based courses as I could in both biology and geography. After graduating from my B.Sc., I began my Bachelor of Education and realized how much I missed working with GIS technologies and immersing myself in geography on a daily basis. After completing my B.Ed., I returned to school to start my Master of Science in Geography under the mentorship of Dr. Antoni Lewkowicz. Although Dr. Lewkowicz's primary focus in his career in recent years has been on permafrost science, he had collected a mass of temperature information across the Yukon Territory. Through the compilation and analysis of this data, we were able to create models of MMAT, Freezing Degree Days, and Thawing Degrees Days as well as MAAT maps for the region. This project was heavily GIS based and allowed me to continue on with my learning of ESRI GIS technology. I am looking forward to continuing to learn new GIS skills as I progress in my career.

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Graduation Year
Honours Bachelor of Science Biology, Minor in Geography
Bachelor of Education
Awarded By
University of Ottawa
Awarded By
University of Ottawa
2022 Type
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship, Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award and Esri Young Scholars Award in Canada
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship and Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award in 2022

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