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For more detailed information: Guidelines for Poster Submission


Your poster should be creatively designed, use an appropriate colour scheme and contain both text and graphics that describe a project or research in which you used Esri technology.

You must include your name, the name of your institution and an appropriate title. If it is a group project or you received input from other researchers, they should be acknowledged on the poster. However, you should only include logos of organizations that have directly contributed to the project or research.


Your poster must be 24 inches wide by 36 inches high (61 cm x 91 cm, portrait orientation). All graphics should be of high enough quality for printing at this size, recommended minimum 300 dpi.

You must submit your poster as a PDF. You may also choose to upload an image of your poster in jpeg format to your profile. Note that there is a file size limit of 25 MB for uploads.