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If your institution has nominated you to receive a scholarship, you must provide certain information and supporting documents before you receive the award. There are also certain expectations for you as a winner of an Esri Canada scholarship. Some of these you will be required to do, and some you are encouraged to do:

  • Provide your contact information so that we may process your award.
  • Notify the Scholarship Coordinator of any changes to your mailing or email address.
  • Maintain your profile in the scholars portal for at least a year after you were nominated.
  • Submit a poster demonstrating your use of Esri technology by June 1. If you fail to do so and have not made arrangements for an extension, you may forfeit your scholarship.
  • Create at least one story map within a year of being nominated and share it to your profile.
  • Participate in conferences and training that help you develop your GIS skills and increase your knowledge of Esri technology.
  • Become a GIS Ambassador.