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What are the requirements for the report?

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You may submit your report as a formal, written report, a story map, or an app. The content requirements are the same but the specifications are different.

Guidelines for Summary Report


Your report should contain a summary of your project or research goals, methodology and results that supports the content of your poster. You should include maps and other graphics as appropriate.

You must include your name, the name of your institution and an appropriate title. You should also acknowledge any group members or other researchers that contributed to the project or research.

Specifications – Written Report

The main body (excluding title page, captions and references) should not be more than 1000 words. You should follow your institution’s or department’s formatting guidelines for, e.g., line spacing, font, and referencing style.

Specifications – Story Map

All sections in your story map should be an appropriate length to be both informative and engaging. You may choose to use a more informal style than you would use in a written report.

You must include proper citations, including for any images that are not your own. Since it is an interactive format, you may also consider including links for readers to learn more about a topic.

Specifications – App

You must include information about the purpose of the app and how to use it, either directly in the app (e.g., in an About section) or on a page connected to the app (e.g., the Item Details page in ArcGIS Online).