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Sean Patrick Kearney is currently a PhD student studying Soil Science in with Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes (SAL) Laboratory in the faculty of Land and Food Systems at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  He earned an MSc in International Agricultural Development from the University of California, Davis and a BA in International Business and Economics from Western Washington University.  During his MSc, he worked with smallholder farmers in rural Uganda coordinating farmer field schools and researching integrated soil fertility methods for commercial vegetable production.  Other agriculture-related experience includes volunteer work on farms in Eastern Europe, leading workshops for vermicomposting in Guatemala, running an organic farm and commercial composting company in his hometown of Durango, CO and volunteering with the Landed Learning Program at the UBC farm.  Sean€™s current research is with the ABES Project in El Salvador where he is measuring, quantifying and valuing ecosystem services and working with a team to evaluate the productivity and environmental impacts of various agroforestry systems for subsistence agriculture.  He is integrating high-resolution satellite imagery, LiDAR data and intensive field sampling to map ecosystem service indicators and model how they may change with the adoption of the agroforestry systems under study. Sean maintains a strong interest in working toward the production of healthy food that is accessible to all and environmentally sound over the long-term, both in his own community and in resource-strapped communities around the globe.
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University of British Columbia
In my own words...
Winning an Esri Canada Scholarship has provided access to software, training and resources that have already strengthened my ability to carry out and share spatial analysis.  As a PhD student seriously considering a career in the non-profit and development sectors and currently busy with research abroad, it would have been difficult to find the time and resources to build these skills without the Esri Scholarship.  Access to ArcGIS Online and the Open Data capabilities have been especially promising options for applying spatial analysis and visualization solutions to global challenges.
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University of British Columbia
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Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship, Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award and Esri Young Scholars Award in Canada
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship and Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award in 2014

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