About Me
I am going into my fourth and final year as an undergraduate studying Geomatics at Carleton University. Computer applications in the environmental sciences, particularly geography, are of so much interest to me. I specifically appreciate GIS  as they are great catchments to automate, visualize, and manipulate such data.
Award Type
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Carleton University
In my own words...
The scholarship has not only encouraged me to pursue more research at and undergraduate level, but has also given me the opportunity to work with different professors from different fields. The project prepared for this award delved into feature space and associating sampled data points (permafrost boreholes) by similarity rather than by geographic distance. The scholarship allowed me to participate in an active research project with a new lab and allowed me to develop my skills in GIS and Python scripting. I am very grateful for the scholarship as it drives students to explore new methods and solutions in GIS. I am also thankful for the training and networking opportunities, as well as the software offered.
Awarded By
Carleton University
2016 Type
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship, Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award and Esri Young Scholars Award in Canada
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship and Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award in 2016

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