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Licenses and Subcriptions

Each scholarship recipient will receive the following software for education and research use:

  • A three-year term license of ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Single Use and ArcGIS Extensions bundle, which includes:
    • ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap
    • 3D Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Network Analyst, Publisher, Spatial Analyst, Tracking Analyst, Data Reviewer, Data Interoperability, Schematics, Workflow Manager, Image Analyst, and LocateXT
    • ArcGIS Online Entitlement subscription (includes 100 service credits and 1 named user)
    • Software maintenance (provides technical support, software updates and unlimited access to e-learning courses through the Esri Training site)
  • A three-year term license of each of the following Premium Apps:
    • ArcGIS GeoPlanner
    • ArcGIS Insights (includes 1000 service credits)
    • ArcGIS Urban
  • A three-year, Professional-level ArcGIS Developer Subscription, which includes an ArcGIS Online developer account with 50 credits per month, ArcGIS Enterprise for development purposes, ArcGIS CityEngine, and access to developer tools and resources.

Scholarship recipients will need to have or create an Esri Account to download the software and obtain authorization codes through My Esri.

Term End

The three-year term will end June 30, 2024, regardless of when the licenses are activated or first used. Students who are nominated and complete the requirements earlier in 2021 will therefore benefit from an extended license period. If a scholarship recipient already has a license, for example, a Desktop license from their institution, they may continue to use that license or replace it with the scholarship license, but the term end date will not change.

License Renewal

At the end of the term, scholarship recipients will be able to purchase an ArcGIS for Student Use or an ArcGIS for Personal Use license to maintain their Desktop license and will have the option to pay the regular annual fee to maintain their Premium App licenses and/or ArcGIS Developer Subscription.

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