Whom do I contact if I have other questions?

Published 2020/11/26 by

You may send questions to scholars@esri.ca. The Scholarship Coordinator will try to respond within a few business days.

Is this a recurring program?

Published 2020/11/26 by

The Esri Canada GIS Scholarship program is ongoing. The decision on which educational institutions will be included in the program and the components of the scholarship, including the financial award, is made by Esri Canada on an annual basis.

Institutions must select an appropriate candidate and ensure that the candidate submits the information and deliverables to continue in the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship program.

Is the GIS Scholarship program the same as the Esri Young Scholars Award?

Published 2020/11/26 by

No. Although both the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship program and the Esri Young Scholars Award competition in Canada have similar timelines and requirements, they are two separate programs.

GIS Scholarships are only available to students enrolled at participating institutions. Faculty and staff at each institution set eligibility criteria that are appropriate to their programs and select the recipient. The Esri Young Scholars Award is open to all full-time students in Canada who use Esri technology. Students apply directly to Esri Canada.

How do I update my institution’s profile?

Published 2020/11/26 by

Login credentials for the scholars portal have been sent to the key contact person at each institution. You should contact them about updating any information in your institution’s profile.

If you are the key contact person for your institution and do not have the login credentials for your institution, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator to obtain them.

Can you provide more information about the Esri Training site?

Published 2020/11/19 by

The Esri Training site, also referred to as the Esri Academy, was launched in August 2016. It provides a single, searchable catalogue of learning resources in different formats including web courses, tutorials and MOOCs. Certain resources are freely available or simply require an ArcGIS Online account.

Unlimited access to all e-learning content, such as self-paced web courses previously available through Esri’s Virtual Campus, is provided through a current maintenance subscription. Three years of maintenance are included in the scholarship award.