Esri Young Scholar Kailey Nichols encourages young women to pursue science

Published 2023/06/29 by

Our annual competition to find Canada’s Esri Young Scholar provides a snapshot of the type of research students are engaged in. An increasing number of applicants are using GIS to explore and address social issues. And like this year’s winner, Kailey Nichols, they have often been inspired by instructors, researchers, and analysts working in GIS.

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Canada’s Esri Young Scholar found validation and motivation at the UC

Published 2022/09/09 by

How do you get the most out of attending the Esri User Conference? For Maja Kucharczyk, the answer seems to be to attend in as many different capacities as possible: as Canada’s Esri Young Scholar, a student assistant, and a presenter. It may keep you very busy, but that means you’ll have a lot left to see next year!

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Kendra Munn: Esri Young Scholar turned Urban Solutions Specialist

Published 2021/10/26 by

Esri Canada GIS Scholarship recipient. Esri Young Scholars Award winner. Completed Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems and Science. And now, Urban Solutions Specialist at Esri Canada. For Kendra Munn, 2021 has been a very good year.

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EYS runner-up Christine Davidson studies ancient landscapes using GIS

Published 2021/08/31 by

Of all the reasons one might have to learn GIS, studying ancient landscapes probably won’t come to mind for most people. Yet, software tools such as ArcGIS Field Maps, ArcGIS Drone2Map and ArcGIS Pro can help to capture, process and analyze data from archaeological excavations. Christine Davidson, the runner-up in this year’s Esri Young Scholars Award competition in Canada, taught herself to use GIS and works in collaboration with Patrick DeLuca at McMaster University as part of her PhD research in Classical Archaeology to document and analyze the landscape around an ancient Greek settlement in southern Italy.

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Scholarship recipient Natasha Juckes mixes art with community design

Published 2021/07/27 by

University electives are for fun, right? Or so Natasha Juckes believes. She included three art courses from NSCAD University in her Bachelor of Community Design program at Dalhousie University, while also completing a Certificate in Geographic Information Science. Natasha is one of this year’s Esri Canada GIS Scholarship recipients.

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How scholarship winner Blair Scriven discovered a passion for GIScience

Published 2021/06/17 by

Some people know from an early age what they want to be when they grow up. Some people don’t. And some people think they know, and then realize part-way through their education that they really want to do something else. Blair Scriven falls into the third group: he started out in biology before eventually switching to geomatics and finally ending up as a GIScience student in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, where he won an Esri Canada GIS Scholarship.

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Scholarship winner Jessica Linzel reimagines historical topics with GIS

Published 2021/05/20 by

Most historians use books, articles and archival materials in their studies of the past, but a growing number, including Jessica Linzel, one of this year’s Esri Canada GIS Scholarship recipients, are adding GIS to their toolkits. She hadn’t used GIS before starting her master’s thesis research and now sees it as a useful tool for investigating history from a different angle and for presenting it in a way that will engage audiences.

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Scholarship winner Patrick Droste uses LiDAR data to assess wildfire risk

Published 2021/05/05 by

Growing up in Australia, Patrick Droste saw Canada as a totally different world. After a few years of travelling, and skiing, he settled in B.C. with his wife and soon found a job with the B.C. Wildfire Service. He is currently enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in GIS program at Selkirk College, where his complex ModelBuilder model to assess wildfire risk for buildings helped him win an Esri Canada GIS Scholarship.

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Now accepting applications for Canada’s 2021 Esri Young Scholar

Published 2021/03/09 by

The Esri Young Scholars Award celebrates the achievements in geospatial sciences of students around the world. Past winners in Canada have been involved in such diverse research as examining air pollution exposure, evaluating global conservation priorities, and conducting spatiotemporal analyses of kelp distribution. If you are a full-time student at a college or university in Canada and think you have what it takes to be Canada’s 10th Esri Young Scholar, submit your application by April 23, 2021.

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Canada’s 2020 Esri Young Scholar adds another award to a stellar career

Published 2020/06/30 by

Esri Young Scholars are an exemplary group of students who, in normal years, meet in San Diego at the Esri UC and form connections that last well beyond the conference. This year’s Esri Young Scholar from Canada, Spencer Elford, will not have the opportunity to travel, but he will still get to meet Young Scholars from around the world at the virtual UC.

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