Scholarship winner Lavanya Gopal applies GIS to environmental challenges

Published 2024/04/23 by

Four years ago, a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University built a dashboard to track the spread of COVID-19. That dashboard, and ones like it built by governments, health agencies and other organizations, became essential sources of information during the pandemic – and inspired Lavanya Gopal to pursue a career in GIS.

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Scholarship recipient Natasha Juckes mixes art with community design

Published 2021/07/27 by

University electives are for fun, right? Or so Natasha Juckes believes. She included three art courses from NSCAD University in her Bachelor of Community Design program at Dalhousie University, while also completing a Certificate in Geographic Information Science. Natasha is one of this year’s Esri Canada GIS Scholarship recipients.

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How scholarship winner Blair Scriven discovered a passion for GIScience

Published 2021/06/17 by

Some people know from an early age what they want to be when they grow up. Some people don’t. And some people think they know, and then realize part-way through their education that they really want to do something else. Blair Scriven falls into the third group: he started out in biology before eventually switching to geomatics and finally ending up as a GIScience student in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary, where he won an Esri Canada GIS Scholarship.

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Scholarship winner Jessica Linzel reimagines historical topics with GIS

Published 2021/05/20 by

Most historians use books, articles and archival materials in their studies of the past, but a growing number, including Jessica Linzel, one of this year’s Esri Canada GIS Scholarship recipients, are adding GIS to their toolkits. She hadn’t used GIS before starting her master’s thesis research and now sees it as a useful tool for investigating history from a different angle and for presenting it in a way that will engage audiences.

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Scholarship winner Patrick Droste uses LiDAR data to assess wildfire risk

Published 2021/05/05 by

Growing up in Australia, Patrick Droste saw Canada as a totally different world. After a few years of travelling, and skiing, he settled in B.C. with his wife and soon found a job with the B.C. Wildfire Service. He is currently enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in GIS program at Selkirk College, where his complex ModelBuilder model to assess wildfire risk for buildings helped him win an Esri Canada GIS Scholarship.

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Scholarship recipient François Veillette found a new career with GIS

Published 2019/09/20 by

As part of the requirements to receive an Esri Canada GIS scholarship, students must submit a poster and report on a project that uses Esri technology. While there is always a broad range of topics among the submissions, sometimes there is one that stands out more than others. Such is the case with François Veillette’s CartoChamp! project, a proposed app for amateur mycologists. Find out more about François’ app idea and what led him to study GIS.

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Scholarship winner Stephanie Potter hopes to empower minority groups

Published 2019/06/04 by

Esri Canada’s GIS scholarships recognize strong, multi-disciplinary geospatial programs and each cohort of winners includes students with a broad range of research interests. But even in that diverse group, the 2019 recipient from Lakehead University, Stephanie Potter, stands out. Having completed a double degree, one an Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation with a minor in Women’s Studies and the other a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, she is currently enrolled in the Master of Environmental Studies program. Find out what connections she made among these different programs and how Stephanie hopes to use her skills and knowledge to empower others.

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GIS Scholarships give students freedom to learn

Published 2019/02/12 by

Over the next few months, colleges and universities across Canada will be selecting their 2019 Esri Canada GIS Scholarship recipients from among their students who are learning GIS and applying it in a broad range of disciplines. Find out more about this program and how one of the 2018 recipients has been making use of his award.

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