Gonzalo Martínez Santos
About Me

I am a 4th-year Engineering Science graduate from the University of Toronto who specialized in Machine Intelligence Engineering. My passion for cities, mobility, and urbanism, coupled with my background in data science and computation, has led me to pursue diverse research and industry opportunities in the fields of transportation engineering and urban planning, all of which made use of GIS software as a primary tool.

I was first introduced to Esri while volunteering for a summer research project at UofT in 2019, where I used ArcGIS Pro to visualize highway traffic congestion. I continued to use GIS in a research position in 2020 at UofT’s Travel Modelling Group, where I analyzed post-secondary school location choice patterns. Throughout my 2021 full-year internship at Arcadis IBI Group, I learned how GIS can support urban operations and infrastructure management.

In 2022, I began my undergraduate engineering thesis project focused on developing a generative design tool for designing complete communities (which is the topic of the project submitted for the 2023 Esri Young Scholars Award). An essential part of this project is the use of Esri’s CityEngine software to visualize the community designs generated by the tool.

Overall, these experiences have allowed me to expand my GIS skills and understand its critical importance in engineering and design. As I embark on a career in industry, I aspire to continue utilizing GIS technology to develop digital tools that can help planners and designers with the design and management of urban spaces and infrastructure. My goal is to contribute to making our cities more sustainable and livable places for all.

Award Type
Esri Young Scholar
Graduation Year
Engineering Science (Machine Intelligence Engineering)
Honourable Mention
Enrolled at
University of Toronto
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship, Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award and Esri Young Scholars Award in Canada
Winners of the Esri Young Scholars Award in Canada and Honourable Mentions
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