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Greetings, Fellow GIS Nerds

My name is Blair, born and raised in the Waterloo Region. Like many of the people reading this (and if you are reading this, you're awesome), I have found that working in the GIS field has changed how I examine and analyze the world. I know that we share that feeling of joy when we find a gold-mine source of data, or our exhausted feeling of success when we've finally found a significant relationship or pattern in our data. I hope to be apart of this Renaissance-like community for the long run.

I am currently a graduate student at the Department of Geomatic Engineering at the University of Calgary where I do research on flood mapping. My StoryMap has more details on the work I have been doing, if you are curious. In my undergrad I studied at the Department of Geography, Environment & Geomatics at the University of Guelph.

I have travelled to the following countries: All of the provinces of Canada and one territory (Yukon, which I love!), USA (most of the Eastern and Southren portions), Mexico (solomente Ciudad de México), Iceland (only Reykjavik), The Netherlands and Dominican Republic. Yes, that list is not nearly as long as I wish it were. While I was in Calgary I fell in love with the mountains; I hope to continue to hike the mountains and maybe even one day learn to ice climb. On the side, I found a fun hobby in programing my Tello drone (still learning more about that) and practising  spanish (maybe one day I'll do french; I really should, I know).  

You can find my GitHub here. My email is blair.scriven@ucalgary.ca if you want to contact me.

I hope you have a splendid day


P.S. Yes, I am a guy. I know the name throws people off; there are many funny stories I can share about that.

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GIScience and Land Tenure
Environmental Geomatics and Geoscience
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University of Calgary
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Canadian Estimator of Rating Curves using HAND and Discharge (CERC-HAND-D)
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This award has provided me confidence in myself, allowing me to believe I can make a future in this profession!
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University of Calgary
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Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship, Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award and Esri Young Scholars Award in Canada
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship
Recipients of the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship and Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award in 2021

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