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Lakehead University
Geomatics Technician, Parks Canada
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I am driven academically and personally by my inspiration to empower minority groups such as women and new Canadians, interest in the ways that both humans and the environment impact each other, and my love for the outdoors. Through my education, employment, writing, cartography, outdoor adventures, and reflections, I seek to deepen my understanding of the influences that the following factors have on humans, the environment, and their interactions: 1) Parks and Protected Areas; 2) Social Impacts of Nature and Outdoor Experiences; 3) Hegemony in Outdoor Recreation; 4) Sustainable Livelihoods.
I grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a small city perched on the North Shore of Lake Superior, and have since made a home in Jasper, Alberta. Through my experiences across Canada, as well as internationally, I have had the opportunity to become deeply engaged with many different environments, cultures, and lifestyles. My passion for learning through experience, creating memories, and sharing stories fuel my thirst of new knowledge and experiences.
Transportation Costs for New Canadians Accessing National Parks from Census Metropolitan Areas in Alberta and British Columbia