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MSc Spring/Summer 2016
Simon Fraser University
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Research Interests: Data science, Spatial statistics, Remote sensing

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I completed my Master’s of Science degree at Simon Fraser University in the Department of Geography. My thesis research focused on three dimensional urban compactness modeling approaches within the Metro Vancouver Region. The research developed high resolution geosimulations through the development of spatial indices, parameters, equations, and mass modeling using ESRI’s CityEngine Software. During my thesis research, I also worked on a two-year government project on assessing British Columbia’s tsunami risk in coastal and remote regions. I completed the GIS and statistical analysis, written documentation, and visualizations for the reports. My time working on this project enabled me to network with various communities, stakeholders and members of government. Since graduating, I have been working as a Sessional Instructor at Simon Fraser University teaching courses on disaster communications and statistics for geography. I am looking forward to new opportunities and experiences in the near future!