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Education & Employment
I am currently: a student.
PhD other, future
University of Northern British Columbia

Research Interests: Data science, Remote sensing, Spatial statistics, Terrain, Biology, Vegetation, Wildlife

About Me
My research interests span from landscape ecology and biodiversity conservation to connecting science with policy and practice. I am currently working on the impacts of human pressure on habitat fragmentation and its relation to species extinction risk at a global scale. In my previous position, I worked as a senior researcher on forest degradation monitoring with remote sensing and field data for the National Forest and Carbon Monitoring System of Colombia. During my masters, I focused my research on deforestation and fragmentation of seasonal tropical forest in the southern Yucatán, Mexico. I am passionate about using tools that help us better understand the human-environmental relationships affecting biodiversity patterns and ecological processes, and really hope to provide information in a form that is useful to policymakers and practitioners.

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