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"Geospatial science opened my eyes to a world of wonderment - not only did it allow me to comprehend better the intricacies of wildlife movement, but it also helped me connect the dots that I couldn't even guess existed."

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MSc Spring/Summer 2019
Trent University
Eco-travel coordinator
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Research Interests: Data science, Remote sensing, Spatial statistics, Biology, Vegetation, Wildlife

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Jennifer Angoh holds a BSc in Biology from York University, and an MSc in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town. She recently graduated from Trent University and obtained a MSc in Environmental and Life Sciences. Previously, Jennifer worked in Canada and southern Africa, providing expertise on species at risk conservation, human-wildlife conflict resolution and landscape ecology. During her free time, Jennifer enjoys hiking, birding and watercolor.
Effects of Phragmites australis invasion on the habitat selection of freshwater turtles