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"The ArcGIS package will be an amazing resource for continuing self-directed education after my graduation. Working in my field of interest relies on the ability to visualize spatially extensive processes. Having GIS as part of my toolkit will allow me to solve spatial problems more effectively in future research and educational endeavours."

Education & Employment
McMaster University
Level 4 Student at McMaster University

Research Interests: Geochemistry, Health, Remote sensing, Terrain

About Me
I have always been interested in Earth processes and the physics behind the way things work in nature, so to combine work and passion I have chosen to pursue Earth and Environmental Science studies in university. To compliment my studies, I am completing a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is a powerful tool that can be applied to visualize and solve complex problems related to earth and environmental processes. I am particularly interested in the fields of hydrogeology and contaminant hydrogeology which deal with subsurface water flow and the spread of dissolved pollutants that threaten the quality of groundwater aquifers.