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"Receiving this scholarship is a tremendous opportunity for personal growth and development.  It\'s not a challenge, it\'s an adventure."

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I am currently: looking for work.
Grad. Cert. Spring/Summer 2018

Research Interests: Biology, Data science, Health, Human geography

About Me
My name is Craig Sim and I have a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Geography from Trent University and have completed the GIS Applications Specialist Post Graduate Program at Sault College.  My main interests outside of academics and work include traveling, playing/coaching baseball, and bmx bike riding.  I have been to Tokyo, England, The Rocky Mountains, Signal Hill and many parts of the United States including Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Detroit. My research interests include technical applications of GIS such as Volume Analyses, applying GIS to historical events, analyzing benthic data, and other ArcGis Online Applications.  I have experience processing drone obtained LiDar data through ESRI Drone2Map.  I am always willing to learn and thrive to increase my GIS Content.