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"The Esri GIS scholarship and the Esri Young scholars program are excellent opportunities for young GIS professionals and students to showcase their work and connect with like-minded academics on a wide variety of subject areas. It is always a delight to view the work other students have done, and gain meaningful insight on how GIS can be used to create impactful solutions to modern day problems."

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My research examines air pollution exposure experienced by children during commutes between their home and their school in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Toronto is a major North American city; whose large population and high traffic volume make it an ideal location for air pollution studies. By applying a Geographic Information System (GIS) based approach to air pollution modelling known as Land-Use Regression, ambient pollution concentration estimates are developed on spatially precise scales. By simulating commute routes on along Toronto’s road and cycling network we examine variations in exposure attributed to commute timing, vehicle used, and route taken. My research examined how route optimization solutions can be used to mitigate air pollution dosage during the commute and have the potential to reduce health burdening of air-pollution related respiratory effects.
Examining Ultrafine Particulate Air Pollution Exposure in the Walk-to-School Commute

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