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"Winning the Esri GIS Scholarship is a valuable acknowledgement of my work in a challenging, interdisciplinary field. As more and more people make cities their home, issues of environmental justice and equitable access to urban nature will become more pressing. I hope that my research on urban green equity will help improve the well-being of urban residents, particularly those who are currently under served by our existing models of urban forestry. Many thanks to Esri for supporting my research."

Formation et emploi
Actuellement, je : suis étudiant.
PhD 2017
University of British Columbia

Mes intérêts : géographie humaine, statistiques spatiales, télédetection, végétation

À propos de moi
I am currently pursuing a PhD in urban forestry at the University of British Columbia. My research centres on urban forest planning and design, examining levels of access to greenery in North American cities, evaluating the equity of this access, and developing ways to use trees to create healthier cities. In addition to my academic work, I have developed a strong professional background in urban planning, natural resource management, land use and climate change planning, local knowledge integration, and monitoring and evaluation. Over the past 13 years, I have had the privilege of working with a wide range of communities and organizations in Northern Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Ecuador, helping local people achieve their environmental and sustainable development goals.
An Exploration of Urban Green Equity in North America

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