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"I am very priviledged to have been awarded this scholarship.  It has given me great confidence in myself, especially considering that I have only been involved in GIS for less than a year!  I really appreciated being able to work on such a rewarding project, and to be able to display it to all of you!  Thank you very much."

Formation et emploi
Grad. Cert.
Niagara College of Applied Arts & Technology
Asset Manager

Mes intérêts : science des données, statistiques spatiales

À propos de moi
My name is David Toews, and I will readily answer to both David and Dave.  My last name is not English, as you may notice, but a dialect of German - pronounced \"Taves\" (like the hockey player Jonathan Toews).  I have a BSc from Brock Univeristy in mathematics, mixed with computer programming and concentrating in statistics.  I joined the Niagara College graduate cirtificate program for GIS - Geospatial Management in September 2015 to explore a practical application for my skills.  I have become deeply fascinated by GIS, and I am honoured to have been awarded this scholarship.  I currently live in Ontario, but I love to travel.  I have lived and worked for 4 years in British Columbia (near Vancouver), 1 year in Austria (near Vienna), and 3 months in Peru (in Lima).  My favourite hobbies are reading and riding my bicycle.  I have been hired to start working for GM Blueplan Engineering Ltd. in Hamilton, ON, in June 2016 as an Asset Manager!