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"The GIS scholarship from Esri Canada help me improved my spatial analysis skills and programming skills for my own research in the field of grassland remote sensing. The help from this scholarship mainly lies in three specific fields of my research. The first one is the results I presented in the poster, which is using GIS modeling to classify green grass, dead material and bare soil from field taken pictures in different 50 cm * 50 cm quadrats. The second and third research projects are using R-ArcGIS Bridge programming using both R and python. The second one is using time-series analysis with the help of R-ArcGIS Bridge to evaluate the influences and efficiency of conservation action in the mixed grasslands. The third one is to use data fusion and phenology based on R-ArcGIS Bridge to classify crested wheat grass, a type of invasive species in Canadian prairie."

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University of Saskatchewan
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Mes intérêts : statistiques spatiales, télédetection, végétation

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My research interest is applying remote sensing, geographical information system (GIS), geostatistics, spatial analyses and modeling on monitoring the condition of ecosystem and environment in various temporal and spatial scales. I am also interested in qualifying and quantifying disturbance, pressure or risks of the ecosystems and environments