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"I am very glad to have received this scholarship to pursue my project. I look forward to learn even more about the applications of GIS in physical geography in my graduate studies."

Formation et emploi
McGill University

Mes intérêts : télédetection, Terrain, végétation

À propos de moi
Hi, I am Claire. Currently completing my  Bachelor\'s degree at McGill University in Montreal. I used GIS to complete my Honour\'s Thesis project. My research consists of testing various methods of edge detection to estimate ice wedge volumes. Ice wedges are wedge shaped bodies of nearly pure ice that occur in permafrost. Understanding their stability and extent is crucial for better prediction of permafrost thawing effects on the global climate. I worked on satellite images from Ellesmere Island, Nunavut. I will continue my project in the field this summer to gather more information on ice wedges.