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"I couldn't be more grateful! Winning this scholarship has opened up so many possibilities. Aside from generally making me feel great from the recognition, the scholarship has helped me in exponentially increasing the amount of resources at my disposal. That is to say, the scholarship provides GIS licenses, conference subscriptions, textbooks, GIS courses, etc. If one thing (at this point) should be well understood it's that graduate students generally don't have any "extra" money! Therefore, from a financial standpoint, this scholarship has provided access to resources that I would not have been able to access otherwise. Furthermore, the scholarship also provides extremely valuable networking opportunities and meaningful exposure to the wider community of GIS users.  Thank you very much!"

Formation et emploi
Trent University
Graduate Student

Mes intérêts : géographie humaine, statistiques spatiales

À propos de moi
I am an archaeologist. My research interests include paleodemography, landscape archaeology, settlement patterns, European Neolithic/Chalcolithic, excavation methodology, and geomatics applications in archaeology (GIS and Remote Sensing).