In all cases, the Scholarship Coordinator will send a notification email to the candidate and the scholarship contact(s) at the institution soon after the candidate’s name and email address have been submitted. The email will include instructions on how and when the candidate must submit the additional required information and documents, and also inform the candidate that if they have not provided the items by June 1, and do not have an agreement with the Scholarship Coordinator for a later deadline, they will forfeit the scholarship.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit the required information and documents by the specified deadline. They will not be confirmed as a scholarship recipient until all of the information and documents have been received. In most cases, the award will start to be processed within 5 business days of receipt of the information and documents. It may take 5 to 10 additional business days, or more, for the software and book order and cheque to be fully processed and sent. We appreciate your patience in the event of untimely delays. Any questions with regards to the process may be sent to the Scholarship Coordinator.

+ November 09, 2018