The following personal information is required for all candidates:

  • Student’s title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss)
  • Student’s first and last name
  • Student’s full residential address, including apartment number if applicable
  • Student’s telephone number
  • Student’s email address
  • Educational institution
  • Department, school or faculty name
  • Enrolment program
  • Expected graduation year
  • Expected completion term (fall, winter, spring/summer)

The following information is optional:

  • Student’s preferred name (i.e., a name that they are known by other than their first name)
  • Student’s alternative email address (e.g., if their primary address is an institution email, they may provide an alternative address that can be used after graduation)
  • Student number
  • Supervisor’s name

Institutions are asked to provide only their candidate’s name and email address. The candidate must provide the other required information.

In addition to the information listed above, four documents must be submitted before the candidate can be confirmed as a scholarship recipient:

  • Supporting documents:
    • Resume/CV
    • Academic transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
  • Deliverables:
    • Poster
    • Summary report

It is the candidate’s responsibility to provide these documents. Institutions should not submit any documents, particularly any documents containing personal information such as address and phone number, without the candidate’s express written permission.

All documents should be submitted electronically through the scholars web portal. Hard copies are not required. Note that the candidate will not be confirmed as a scholarship recipient and will not receive the award until all the required information and documents are received.

+ November 07, 2018