The following implementation guide has been created to answer questions that you may have in regards to the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship Award as a GIS instructor or scholarship contact person at a participating institution.

The Esri Canada GIS Scholarship Award program provides software, books, training, funding and other benefits to students at colleges and universities across Canada. Each participating institution may select one student using a process and criteria that reflect the nature of their GIS program(s). Before the candidate is confirmed as a scholarship recipient by Esri Canada, they must submit the required deliverables: a poster and brief summary report demonstrating their use of Esri technology in a special project, lab work, or interesting research use in a specific setting.

Implementation guide last updated: October 31, 2017

View as PDF: 2018 Implementation Guide

General Information

Scholarship Award Details

General Information

  • How is the scholarship recipient selected?

    Each participating institution is responsible for selecting one student to receive the scholarship. Faculty may employ any criteria deemed appropriate at their institution, provided the general criteria are met. The selection process may involve automatic consideration of all students in a cohort or application by interested students.

    The selected candidate will be confirmed as a scholarship recipient once all of the required information and documents, including the deliverables, have been received by the Scholarship Coordinator at Esri Canada. See below for the list of required information and documents, and the required deliverables.

  • What are the general criteria?

    Esri Canada requires that award recipients meet the following criteria:

    • Minimum B+ or equivalent average in overall GPA
    • Must have completed significant course work and/or postgraduate research using Esri technology

    Please contact the Scholarship Coordinator if you have any questions about how these criteria should be applied.

    Although not required, it is recommended that all institutions also include a poster in their selection criteria so that it can be submitted to Esri Canada at the time of nomination with the other required information. This would allow the selected student to be immediately confirmed as a scholarship recipient.

  • Can the scholarship be divided between two or more students?

    No. Only one student can be awarded a GIS Scholarship per institution per year.

    However, institutions may choose to split the cash portion of the award between more than one student. A student receiving cash only will be referred to as an Esri Canada Higher Education GIS Award recipient. Institutions wishing to split the cash award must contact the Scholarship Coordinator prior to submitting their candidate’s and award recipient’s information.

  • What do we do once we have selected a scholarship recipient?

    There are two parties who must be notified: the Scholarship Coordinator at Esri Canada, and the candidate themselves.

    Your institution’s scholarship contact person or their delegate must complete the online nomination form before the close of the nomination period. See below for the list of required fields and the dates for the nomination period. The form will only be accessible after signing in to your institution’s profile in the Esri Canada Scholars Web Portal. Please contact the Scholarship Coordinator if you have misplaced your login credentials.

    Once the form has been submitted, the Scholarship Coordinator will send an email to the candidate informing them that they have been selected and providing information about the scholarship as well as login credentials for the Esri Canada Scholars Web Portal site. If the required deliverables were not submitted through the form, the candidate will be informed that they must submit the deliverables before they can receive the scholarship award.

    If your institution has chosen to split the cash portion of the award, the contact person or their delegate must also complete the Higher Education GIS Award Submission Form for each student receiving a cash award.

  • When may we notify our scholarship recipient?

    You may notify your candidate as soon as they have been selected; however, remember that they will not be confirmed as a scholarship recipient until the required deliverables have been submitted.

    A blank certificate is included in the package sent to each institution and a template is available to download. You should fill in the appropriate name and date on the certificate, using the template, and present the certificate to the student once they have been confirmed as a scholarship recipient.

    Certificates for Higher Education GIS Award recipients will be prepared by the Scholarship Coordinator as needed.

    If your institution has an awards ceremony and you would like a representative from Esri Canada to be present, contact the Scholarship Coordinator.

  • What is the deadline for submitting scholarship recipient details?

    The nomination period is from February 1 to April 2, 2018. Institutions may submit their candidate’s information at any time during this period.

    If you will be unable to to select a candidate during this period, you must contact the Scholarship Coordinator at Esri Canada as soon as possible to arrange for an extension. No candidates will be accepted after June 1, 2018. Any institution that fails to submit a nominee by June 1 will forfeit their scholarship for 2018.

  • What information must be submitted for the award recipient?

    The following personal information is required:

    • Student’s title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, other)
    • Student’s first and last name
    • Student’s full residential address, including apartment number if applicable (must not be a college/university lab or dorm address)
    • Student’s telephone number
    • Student’s email address
    • Educational institution
    • Department, school or faculty name
    • Program of enrolment
    • Expected graduation year
    • Expected completion term (fall, winter, spring/summer

    The following information is optional:

    • Student’s preferred name (i.e., a name that they are known by other than their first name)
    • Student’s alternative email address (e.g., if their primary address is an institution email, they may provide an alternative address that can be used after graduation)
    • Student number
    • Supervisor’s name, if applicable

    If you have concerns about or are prevented by regulations at your institution from sharing students’ information, you may ask the candidate to provide the required information.

    In addition to the information listed above, four documents must be submitted before the scholarship will be processed. All documents should be submitted electronically through the file request link given in the online form. Hard copies are not required.

    • Resume/CV
    • Academic transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
    • Poster (must be submitted for candidate to receive award)
    • Summary report (must be submitted for candidate to receive award)

    Any additional information or documents collected from the candidate as part of the selection process may also be submitted through the file request link.

    Note that the candidate will not be confirmed as a scholarship recipient and will not receive the award until all of the required information and all of the documents are received.

  • Is this a recurring program?

    The Esri Canada GIS Scholarship program is ongoing. The decision on which educational institutions will be included in the program and the components of the scholarship, including the financial award, is made by Esri Canada on an annual basis.

    Institutions must select an appropriate recipient and ensure that the award recipient submits the deliverables stated below to continue in the Esri Canada GIS Scholarship program.

  • What are the deliverables for scholarship recipients?

    Each scholarship recipient must submit a poster and a report demonstrating a special project, lab work, or interesting research use in a specific setting (e.g., promoting education, conservation, disaster response, urban planning, business, engineering, social science, etc.) and its outcomes using Esri’s ArcGIS software. Information about the required format can be found in the FAQ for Students and can also be requested from the Scholarship Coordinator.

    The poster and report must be received by June 1. A candidate will not be confirmed as a scholarship recipient and the award will not be processed until these documents have been received. Requests for exceptions or extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If a candidate has not submitted the required deliverables AND has not arranged for an extension by June 1, they will forfeit their scholarship.

    Candidates may also submit a Story Map in addition to the other deliverables or instead of a report.

  • What is the contact information for the Scholarship Coordinator?

    Questions regarding the program and award recipient information should be directed to Dr. Krista Amolins at:

    Esri Canada Limited
    12 Concorde Place, Suite 900
    Toronto, Ontario, M3C 3R8

    Telephone: 647-943-1812
    Fax: 416-441-6838

    Please update your institution’s profile and notify the Scholarship Coordinator as soon as possible if the scholarship contact person at your institution changes, or if any of their contact information (email, phone number, mailing address) changes.

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Scholarship Award Details

  • What does the scholarship offer?

    The scholarship offers a one-time cash payment for the individual student that you select. It also offers software, books, access to e-learning courses through the Esri Training site, Esri Canada instructor-led training and registration for one of Esri Canada’s User Conferences.

  • How will the cash payment be made?

    In most cases, a cheque will be mailed directly to the student.

    Please contact the Scholarship Coordinator if you would like to make alternative arrangements. Other options include:

    • Cheque made payable to the student but mailed to the institution to be handed out during an award ceremony.
    • Cheque made payable to the student but mailed to the institution and withheld until the student submits the required deliverables.
    • Cheque made payable to and sent to the institution, to be disbursed to the student by the institution.
  • What software is included?

    Each scholarship recipient will receive a perpetual license of Esri’s ArcGIS software, for education and research use:

    • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Single Use
    • ArcGIS Desktop Single Use Extensions:
      • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
      • ArcGIS 3D Analyst
      • ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
      • ArcGIS Network Analyst
      • ArcGIS Publisher
    • ArcGIS Pro
    • A one-year ArcGIS Online Organization subscription (includes 100 service credits and 1 named user)
    • One year of maintenance (provides technical support, any software updates and unlimited access to e-learning courses through the Esri Training site)

    In addition, each scholarship recipient will receive Professional-level ArcGIS Developer Subscription, which includes ArcGIS Enterprise for development purposes and Esri CityEngine.

    Scholarship recipients will need to have or create an Esri Account to download the software and obtain authorization codes through My Esri.

  • What books are included?

    The following three Esri Press books will be provided as part of the award:

    • Python Scripting for ArcGIS
    • Getting to Know Web GIS
    • The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 3

    The books will be shipped to the scholarship recipient’s address.

  • Can you provide more information about the Esri Training site?

    The Esri Training site was launched in August 2016. It provides a single, searchable catalogue of learning resources in different formats including Esri Press books, web courses, SpatiaLABS and MOOCs. Certain resources are freely available or simply require an ArcGIS Online account.

    Unlimited access to all e-learning content, such as self-paced web courses previously available through Esri’s Virtual Campus, is provided through a current maintenance subscription. One year of maintenance is included in the scholarship award.

  • What does instructor-led training include?

    Two Esri Canada instructor-led standard training courses are included in the scholarship award and are to be chosen by the award recipient. These courses will be provided at either an Esri Canada training centre or online via Esri Canada’s virtual classroom.

    Students must take the training courses before the nomination period opens for the next scholarship year, i.e., before February 1, 2019, unless arrangements are made with the scholarship coordinator before that date.

  • Is support offered with the student software?

    Yes, one year of telephone and/or email support is included with the software maintenance. Self-help is available through FAQs, Tutorials & Alerts, Esri Online Support Center, My Esri and the Esri Canada Resource Finder.

  • When will the selected student receive the award?

    In all cases, the Scholarship Coordinator will send a notification email to the candidate and the scholarship contact(s) at the institution soon after the candidate’s information has been submitted.

    If the required deliverables were included in the submission as well as all other required information and documents, the candidate will immediately be confirmed as a scholarship recipient and the award will start to be processed within 5 business days.

    If any information, documents or deliverables were omitted from the submission, this will be indicated in the notification email. The nominee will be asked to provide the missing item(s) as soon as possible and informed that the scholarship award will not be processed until the item(s) are received by the Scholarship Coordinator. They will also be informed that if they have not provided the item(s) by June 1, and do not have an agreement with the Scholarship Coordinator for a later deadline, they will forfeit the scholarship.

    It may take 5 to 10 additional business days, or more, for the software and book order and cash payment to be fully processed and sent. We appreciate your patience in the event of untimely delays. Any questions with regards to the process may be sent to the Higher Education Scholarship Coordinator.

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